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Meet Menno Ouweneel

Menno Ouweneel

About Menno Ouweneel

Menno Ouweneel is business developer at Zig Websoftware. One of his current focuses is the development of mobile solutions. Amazed and attracted by the possibilities of Augmented Reality Menno and his team came up with an idea to accelerate the possibility to use external sources like CMS systems to push content to AR applications. The company Menno works for (located in The Netherlands) develops web and app-solutions for a business-to-business market. The company automates front office processes and stimulates selfservice as a way to reduce cost and increase customer loyalty and experience for our customers.  

As Menno found out, one of the problems in AR is the feeling of complexity of creating AR content (which of course is not true) and the fact users want to reuse data more and more to keep things simple and manageable. Together with his R&D team Menno is working on a prototype to be able to push content from any source (i.e. TYPO3) to an cloud solution that will connect to augmented reality channels or plugin/apps. As far as his content management vision, Menno believes AR should be an added channel to the total of channels used (like Web, Social Media, Narrowcasting) by CMS systems and Menno would like to contribute in making this happen.

In his presentation Menno will demonstrate this concept straight from TYPO3 to an Augmented Reality channel using existing content like images, 3d objects, video┬┤s and general HTML elements such as text, forms, maps etc. 

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