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Ernesto Baschny

About Ernesto Baschny

Ernesto Baschny was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1976 - son of a German mother and Austrian father. He's got involved with the early Internet back in 1994, when he worked on one of the pioneering commercial ISPs in Brazil at that time - creating first "HTML 3" sites for his customers. Moving to Germany in 1996 he studied computer science in Stuttgart and never stopped working with Web technologies ever since.

He joined the now co-owned company cron IT GmbH in 2002, providing IT, Security and Web solutions to it's customers. In 2003 the team decided to focus on TYPO3 for implementing solutions for their customers, and soon Ernesto was also involved in the community, participating actively in the further development of the CMS. In 2005 he was selected to be part of the TYPO3 Core Team due to his work on css_styled_content - bringing accessibility to the "Text with Images" rendering (previously rendered with layout-tables).

In 2010 he was elected to be the Release Manager of the first LTS (long term support) release of TYPO3 CMS: 4.5. Since in 2013 noone dared to take over the job of managing the second LTS release, he took over the job once more: He is the current release manager of TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS - to be released in October 2013.

Aside work he lives with his wife and two kids. At home he speaks Portuguese with his family - trying keep the language alive for his kids. He loves to play with them and enjoys good food (and a nice "Churrasco"). As usual for a Brazilian, he loves to watch and play soccer, and is a fan of São Paulo FC in Brazil and VfB Stuttgart in Germany.

TYPO3, communication, development, management

 Conference Activities

  • Presentations on a variety of TYPO3 CMS, Flow and Neos topics
  • Presentations on themes related to community, future web and business
  • Special social event (free to attendees of the conference; individual tickets available for others)
  • Pecha Kucha
  • Fishbowl talks
  • Ask an expert


Excellent Wi-Fi will be available for the duration of the conference.

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