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October 29-31 2013 // Filderhalle in Stuttgart

WebGL - 3D World in your Browser

By Kai Niklas

Kai Niklas will introduce you to the fantastic World of OpenGL's WebGL.

It is based on the OpenGL ES 2.0 API for embedded systems.

OpenGL's WebGL API uses JavaScript and new HTML5 technology to bring 3D and of course as well 2D Graphics to your Browser.

3D visualization in Browsers is still not spread widely, but the possibilities with the new WegGL API are numerous.

  • Just think about a online Shop that you can walk though and take a look at every Article in 3D …
  • Imagine a real Estate website where you can walk though every building on your own, taking a look at every corner …
  • Games … we can´t think of a limit … all games you ever knew can be played in browsers with no downloading or installing anything …
  • Visualize business processes in 3D. Everybody Process shown in 3D is easier to realize …

So much more … with 3D in modern Browsers there are so much options we have not even thought about …

Customizable and Fast

  • With WebGL being written in JavaScript its much easier to update and change your programs than to always compile a new build of your software. So WebGL Dev is less expensive as desktop Dev.

Online and Instant

  • With modern 'download' APPs you always need a new roll-out to have all clients updated. With WebGL you only change the scripts on your server and any user will automatically experience the updates.

More Design Elements

  • With the tech of shader programming we can implement 'most up to date' graphics and light effects to every scene in your 3D online world.

Free to Use

  • WebGL just like HTML5 and JavaScript is 100% free and has no license restrictions. So there are no costs for custom libraries or software bundles.

There is so much more to find in the 3D World inside your Browser.

Let's talk about it in my session "WebGL - 3D World in your Browser"!

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