Welcome to T3CON13

The 9th European TYPO3 Conference

October 29-31 2013 // Filderhalle in Stuttgart

Structure of the TYPO3 Community

By Ben van 't Ende

The inner workings of any community can be mysterious. Work for the project is done through an intrinsic motivation to scratch you own itch, working together to create an end result. A healthy community is critically important to the long term viability of the TYPO3 project. In this presentation Ben van 't Ende, community manager, will give an overview of the structure in the TYPO3 community. The community is made up of individual efforts, hidden team, active team and core teams.

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 Conference Activities

  • Presentations on a variety of TYPO3 CMS, Flow and Neos topics
  • Presentations on themes related to community, future web and business
  • Special social event (free to attendees of the conference; individual tickets available for others)
  • Pecha Kucha
  • Fishbowl talks
  • Ask an expert


Excellent Wi-Fi will be available for the duration of the conference.

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  • AOE Media
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